Planting & Connection

Our connection to you...

Remember how I said to not rush spring along? I lied. I’m mostly kidding...

I’m quite tired of the snow too but I also was glad to have that big dump of snow. We need the moisture. Since becoming a grower, I have forfeited some of my preferences for the weather. And given the record breaking heat waves, drought, hail, and wind that I experienced last year, I’m very grateful for this snow.
It means that next week when I get into the gardens to prep them for planting, the soil will be wonderfully moist.

I’ve been thinking about planting a lot! This time last year we had all our carrots planted and the peas too.
While we aren’t quite where we want to be for our CSA sign ups that also means some adjusting for planting as well. It’s definitely a different spring this year but that means it could be a different summer too; that is okay!

As I’m reflecting on how planting will go this season, I think: How much? When? Where? And even occasionally, Why?
When sales are low or Mother Nature throws you a summer like last year or something breaks down - machinery or even relationships, it does give me pause to ask why. But that is okay too! That pause is good. And as I pause, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to do the work I do - to grow food, to create connection with people and their food. I am grateful for the support I see and experience all around me.

I hope you feel that connection as well, when you hold in your hand a vegetable you’ve never tried before, or taste the first garden carrot fresh from the earth.

I hope you feel that connection. From me, to the earth, to you.

April 22, 2022 | Darcie Magruder