Rainbow Bridge

The World is our Oyster...

It was a rough week.

We were in the hospital with our little guy like I previous wrote about and then a few days later, I went with my mom & brother to take our farm dog, Todd, over the rainbow bridge.

Todd has been on the farm his whole life. He supervised the tilling of new garden plots, planting of seeds, and the harvesting of vegetables. He proudly sat in the side by side for each trip for extra seeds or spare parts to fix a water hydrant. He faithfully guarded the hens and ensured their safe passage into the coop at night.

It’s going to be very different this summer without him. I’ll miss seeing him basking in the sun or watching me work from the shade of the elderberries. He was a big part of the farm, an important part of the farm. A farm dog is pretty integral to any farm and I can honestly say that Todd was the best dog we’ve ever had.

I always joked that ‘the world was his oyster’ and as I think about that sentiment, I wonder if I shouldn’t take a page out of Todd’s book - even if he is a dog.

Even while I’m feeling down, maybe I should consider, ‘the world as my oyster’. Anything is possible this summer. The only thing holding me back is my own fears and inhibitions. Maybe I can learn something from our old farm dog, Todd. He never let anything get him down and his pearl was always there ready to be found.

Every time I miss him, every time I go to call his name and he isn’t there, I’m going to think of this world as my oyster.
Come with me to see what I discover. And go and discover your own pearl.

April 29, 2022 | Darcie Magruder